“In my opinion, The Children’s Room is unrivalled and by far the best all-round Nursery for miles. Dedicated and confident staff ensure my son is not only extremely well cared for but he is lovingly nurtured and encouraged as an individual. I feel honoured to have my son attend & always happy in the knowledge that his time there is invaluable.”

– Donna Jones


“We could not have found a better nursery for our daughter. The staff are excellent and have provided the most wonderful care and encouragement to our little girl. It is a lovely calm environment and my daughter enjoys going there to see her friends (and she refers to the staff as her friends too!). This is so important when you are in work and want to know that your child is happy and safe. The ‘My Montessori Child’ system of the staff making their observations and including examples of my daughter’s work is fantastic. It keeps you in touch not only with how your child is developing but also gives an insight to what they have been doing whilst at nursery. Thank you Liz and team- you are all doing an amazing job.

– Samantha Tett 


“Absolutely amazed by this nursery, Celyn was so happy there whilst viewing and didn’t even mind when we left her to look around. Can’t wait for her to start!”

– Shelly Thomas


“I can’t recommend The Children’s Room enough. Both my girls have loved coming to you. All the staff are lovely and the girls looked forward to coming in to see them. Even my youngest who proved a little more challenging to settle her first few words were “Jade and the babies!!”
Thank you for creating an amazingly supportive, calm and educational environment.”

– Meghann Morris


“Love it!! Great supportive team and thoroughly good fun!”

– Helen Belton


“The most wonderful nursery! Clean, educational and staff are the best you’ll ever find- super friendly, enthusiastic and love their jobs! My son loves going!”

– Anna Thorburn


“I went back to work when my daughter was 6 months old, I was really nervous about leaving her but The Children’s Room completely set my mind at rest. I had actually reserved a place elsewhere but I switched the day I found this place. The building is beautiful, light and airy and the staff are very attentive. My baby has totally settled in and is excited when she arrives in the morning, what more could you ask for? Thank you Children’s Room!”

– Shiona Sandles


“The Children’s Room is fantastic! Children are happy and stimulated. My daughter loved every second at the nursery. Thank you!”

– Lisa Tardioli-Curzon


“Really nice and attentive staff, always making you feel involved and welcome. Liz, Sharon and all the staff are really good. Clean nursery and informative Montessori games for the children to learn from. My daughter loves it here.”

– Javeria Javid Rasul


“Such a brilliant nursery! Very stimulating for the children to learn and develop, lovely atmosphere and staffs are all amazing. Love them all!”

– Sharmin Seema Ahmed


“Staff are amazing, children are always happy and clean. Couldn’t of picked a better child care service. AMAZING.”

– Teri Abraham


“A life changing experience for children, so welcoming and friendly, the rooms are so bright and warm, you will never look at other nurseries! It has everything you need for children to watch them develop to their full potential. Staff completely adore all children there. Liz is so inspirational she looks after everyone, and always full of love.”

– Amy Wallace-Maddick


“Amazing place. Calm and educational. My three all loved it.”

– Sian Rachel Williams


“Really lovely. Such a great atmosphere for children.”

– Catherine Morgan


“I love the nursery and their methods. My lg has come on so much since starting here. She is more confident and very independent. She is so intelligent and the staff bring her strengths out and let her shine. Like they do with all the children.”

– Leigh Garton


“Fantastic. The staff are wonderful and my son can’t wait to go there. Couldn’t rate them higher.”

– Jay Huxtable


“Thank you to everyone at The Children’s Room. I’ve been away for a year now and still the love and support shown by these amazing people is incredible. Thank you so much Liz, you are an exceptional woman who values people, and all the staff and children are truly happy there. I miss you all so much and I can’t wait for the 26th of July when I see you all again.”

– Ejiro Kesiena Lane


“Superb nursery!”

– Ant Howell


“I can not thank Liz and all the staff at The Children’s Room enough for allowing both my girls to flourish in such a wonderful nursery environment. My eldest daughter had attended another nursery in Swansea prior to attending The Children’s Room and did not settle there at all. I went to visit Liz and she was very accommodating, welcoming and professional from our very first meeting. We spoke about how best to settle in my daughter and she clearly knew exactly what was needed…low and behold, she settled after the first week and I have never looked back. The Children’s Room has allowed both my daughters to grow and develop at their own pace, with a freedom to have free play led by them not by what a nursery feels they should be doing with ‘structured play’. My girls are both very happy, confident individuals and I feel that all the staff at The Children’s Room has aided this. I can not recommend this nursery enough and most definitely give it a 5 star rating!!! Thank you to all of the fabulous staff for being so wonderful.”

– Kelly Morgan