About Us

Located in the peaceful environment of St James Gardens, The Children’s Room is the only accredited Montessori nursery in South Wales, bringing the Montessori principles to Swansea for your child or baby.

Located in the peaceful environment of St James Gardens, The Children’s Room has a higher teacher-to-child ratio than many other nurseries and can offer provision through the medium of Welsh. I have seen the success and joy of the Montessori method across the world and have worked in schools in London and the Far East, including working in a Montessori school in Singapore for two years. Bringing these principles back home to Swansea was a dream that has now been realised.

Liz Byatt, Owner

The First Montessori Nursery in Swansea

Developed by Dr Maria Montessori, the Montessori educational approach places emphasis on allowing children to achieve their full potential by developing the whole child intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally, linguistically and spiritually. The aim at the nursery is to give every child the opportunity to do this.

By providing the right environment, The Children’s room will concentrate on the goal of holistically developing the social and emotional intelligence of the child. Therefore it is not a play-group type of environment but one that prepares the children for the challenges of the future.

  • The first Montessori nursery in South Wales
  • Drop off service to local schools offered
  • High teacher to child ratio
  • Welsh provision
  • The Montessori method develops the whole child, mentally, emotionally and holistically
  • The first nursery that uses My Montessori Child

With a dedicated baby room following the Montessori principles, The Children’s Room takes babies from 3 months to children aged 6.

The school is open 8am to 6pm. We are open 48 weeks of the year, closed one week at Easter, one week at Christmas and two weeks in August. We offer surprisingly competitive rates and are the only nursery which offers the flexibility to attend term time or full time.

Today, the importance of excellent nursery provision has finally been recognised at Government level and the Montessori method is very much at the forefront of current educational thinking.