My Montessori Child

Our nursery uses My Montessori Child an innovative, near real-time reporting system that records all relevant aspects of your child’s academic and personal progress.

My Montessori Child can only be accessed by teachers or parents with a password and is as secure as online banking.

Teachers enter child observations, news and updates to keep parents in the loop with what their child does at nursery and how they’re developing. Parents are then given a log in and password so they can access this information at any time here. My Montessori Child works across all platforms including mobiles and tablets with its own app.

About My Montessori Child


Our teachers use My Montessori Child daily, uploading photographs and observations of your child’s development to keep you in the loop at all times on how they are progressing. The system allows staff to record teaching plans, reports and ideas easily and effectively, sharing them with other teachers and parents. My Montessori Child has been written specifically for the Montessori method so all areas cater to this approach to teaching and learning.

Time well spent

My Montessori Child allows our teachers to spend their time focused on the needs of the children. It generates statutory reports at the click of a button and replaces the need for paper-based records and reports. The system can be used to both record developments and report back to parents simultaneously. This cuts down on time spent on paper work and ensures reports are given when they are fresh in the teachers mind.


The system is as safe as online banking with a separate log in and password for every teacher and parent. Device serial numbers are checked before they are allowed to access the system. Sensitive information can only be accessed by teachers and administrators. Only the parent(s) of the child that has been given a log in can see that child’s records, no access to another child’s information is given. No information is ever shared with other parties and all data is stored on secure servers.