Introducing our Montessori experience! Perfect for parents of 0 to 2.5 year old toddlers that want to experience Montessori child-focused exploratory play sessions.

We have sessions at Lifepoint, Fynnone Rd (Uplands, Swansea), and coming soon in Mumbles and West Cross.

Liz says,

“The session starts with 12 treasure baskets on a carpet, introduces the themes of a Montessori classroom, and also includes crafted and prepared play opportunities to encourage your toddler in the world and an engaging musical session”

Dad’s are also very welcome! We know that parenting can be daunting experience for new dads, with a Montessori environment we can you thrive with your child.

Booking is essential so call Liz on 07800 511191 to ensure your toddler or baby has a space.